Ceramic Packages

A taste of Ceramics (Lasts 6 months – takes 4 hours) – £150

  • Full exterior decontamination
  • Ceramic Pro Sport applied to paintwork, plastic bumpers, chromes, windows and wheels

Ceramic Pro 9H and lite top coat, all of which come with paint correction, please contact us on facebook for more information. Prices may vary as every vehicle has differing paint correction requirements.

  • Ceramic Pro 9H (price on application) offers 1 micron per layer of hard (but not self healing) super high gloss protection
  • Ceramic Pro Lite (price on application) is a top coat which offers super high gloss coupled with a silky smooth feel and easy washing.
  • Ceramic Pro Marine for aircraft, boats and motorhomes (price on application) offers protection and easy washing, coupled with moderate shine.

Ceramic Pro Textile and Plastic for the interior of your vehicle can enrich colors however only lasts 6 months. For more information, please contact us on facebook.

  • Ceramic Pro Plastic for all plastic trims on the interior of your vehicle, as well as Ceramic Pro Textile for fabrics and cloth interiors, carpets and other textiles and Ceramic Pro Leather for any leathers (price on application). This offers enriched, glossy colors on the inside of your vehicle which lasts for 6 months, protecting your fabrics and leathers from staining and the ingraining of dirt.