Detailing Packages

The Works (6 hours),

  • Decontamination
  • Tar Removal
  • Full Exterior safe wash & Polish
  • Windows cleaned inside and out
  • All door shuts cleaned, including boot and bonnet underside
  • All seats washed, if seats are leathers they will be cleaned and balmed
  • Engine bay degreased/cleaned

Single stage gloss enhancement, (8 Hours)
This package is ideal for factory new or daily drivers. The process used in this package will remove ~70% of swirl marks and minor imperfections in the clearcoat, bringing your cars finish to a stunning shine.
Adding Ceramic Pro to this will seal in the finish. Price on application, we will require the vehicle for an extra day.

Multi stage correction, (2 Days)
This package is ideal for all types of cars. The process will leave your clearcoat 98% free of swirls and imperfections. The process behind this package can be tailored to all types of paint to leave an almost concours finish.
Adding Ceramic Pro to this will seal in the finish. Price on application, we will require the vehicle for an extra day.

Wet and dry sanding to remove all Orange Peel, Price on application.
This process is suitable to all vehicles, however is best suited to discerning customers who have an eye for detail. This process will flatten the paint and result in a clear, mirror-like finish.

Interior detailing and coating,
This process involves everything you would expect from a high end valet, however, extra detail is taken to ensure the cleansing of surfaces and the removal of any imperfections in leather, vinyl and fabric. This includes the removal of any jean dye transfer on lighter coloured seats.
All of the surfaces inside of the vehicle will then be coated using a range of products from Ceramic Pro designed specifically for the interior of the vehicle. This will help to prevent future imperfections from developing and drastically reduce any dye transfer and UV damage to all leather and vinyl surfaces.
Any fabric/cloth seats coated will become hydrophobic thus resisting stains.

Optional extras, applicable to all packages:

  • Wheels removed and cleaned inside and out, calipers and arches cleaned. Wheels and calipers both coated with Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper
  • Engine bay detailed (Fully washed and degreased with appropriate care to avoid any damage or water ingress to electronics) before being coated with Ceramic Pro Strong
  • Exhausts and chromes polished and coated with Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper

Please note, all prices are depending on vehicle size and condition.